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Friendly Circle



Respecting Individuality 

A research-based, social-emotional learning program

"Help People understand People"

on Social-Emotional education conducted across five countries 

participated and benefited from the RIPE program 


Social-Emotional topics covered across the RIPE curriculum 

Who we are
Born from the heart of MEd. Elva Olivas Ochoa, RIPE is a social-emotional learning program that focuses on honoring differences and promoting extraordinary productivity. Our focus is to boost student engagement by effectively equipping teachers with the tools to understand, motivate, and inspire students. 
Students Building Windmill
What we do
Classroom Lecture
RIPE strives to promote environments that support teachers in helping students explore their strengths and areas for growth. Our program takes into account the different elements of the learning process, such as the roles teachers, parents, and classmates play in the development of each student. 
How we do it
Through our online platform, we provide a social-emotional program that includes Lesson Plans, videos, and activities. Learning how to become the best version of yourself should not be constrained to a traditional, in-person learning experience. The RIPE program comes with exclusive access to the RIPE online platform, a tool that can be accessed from anywhere.
Elementary Classroom
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Through the RIPE Program, we aim to educate students’ hearts and minds by emphasizing the importance of respecting individuality beyond the classroom. 
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